Mechanical Engineering & Components

We develop completely individual machine components
of lot size 1

The work of Klüppelberg GmbH&Co KG focuses on machining centres for large and heavy machining.
Based on our history and the fact that more than 50% of our employees were employed at the Hermann Kolb Maschinenfabrik from 1980 - 2000 and partly trained, the know-how of the products belongs to our core competence:
Cubimat, Varimat, Pentamat Macromat and PFZ
of the former machine manufacturer from the heart of Cologne.
Thanks to our design department, the Kolb idea and thus your Kolb machine not only lives on, but also enjoys the state of the art in many cases through consistent further development and has a high value in production.
We also design standard and special machining modules for vertical and horizontal machining centres.
We develop completely individual machine components of batch size 1.
This also includes upgrading complex systems. We bring functioning machines up to the state of the art.
We bring services in series and solutions exclusively!